Behind the curtain

When we are children we always play with something. When adults, we often pretend to play something.Let’s take part in a game together – across the generations. Hradec is calling for it! Be it in theatres, cinemas or at concerts.


Klicpera’s Theatre, Beseda, The Attic, Summer stage 

If you happen to love good culture, you simply must visit the Klicpera’s theatre! It has a magical atmosphere that makes every performance, every concert and every exhibition at the U Klicperů gallery an unforgettable experience! Let’s become an integral part of more than 130 years of tradition.



Drak puppet theatre and Drak Theatre Labyrinth 

What did you want to be when you were a kid? An astronaut, a dancer or a president? And what about an actor? Or a director? See for yourself what it is like to be one of the professionals who produce a fairy tale in the theatre. And then watch the professional actors stage a play for children!


Hradec Králové Phiolharmonics

“Playing in Hradec livery for 40 years” -this is the self-explanatory motto of the now world-renown musical ensemble, which is the pride of the entire city.

Bio Central 

is a haven for all cinema buffs preferring quality film production and art films. 


 Get some popcorn and Coke and choose a blockbuster that will give you shivers!

Širák open-air cinema

Is there anything more romantic than watching a film in an open-air cinema on the bank of the Orlice river?

City devoted to bikes

Have you ever come across the saying that the best view of the world is from the back of a horse? Well, that may be… But what about discovering the beauty of our city from a bike? 

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Original masterpieces

And we are talking structures this time around – white, coloured, plain or decorated… 

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Hradec goes green

And not only on the traffic lights! The city is full of parks, alleys and green courtyards. 

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