City devoted to bikes 

Have you ever come across the saying that the best view of the world is from the back of a horse? Well, that may be… But what about discovering the beauty of our city from a bike? What a thing! So, choose the right route and hit the pedals!


Route for families with kids

 Are you looking for a way how to entertain and tire out your kids at the same time? A bike is the right choice!

There is a pleasant and fun bike route in the forest surrounding the city. It will take you to places where kids will surely not get bored. The route starts at the entrance to the municipal forest on Hradečnice Street. It then continues towards the Knight’s settlement. Once your kids have had enough of knights and princess games, you can continue to the fallow deer and wild boar runs. You will also find a fairy tale track not far from the run with hand carved fairy tale characters. You can enjoy a small break at Výskyt pond, but do not get too lazy… hit the pedals again towards Silver pond. And that is where you can replenish your energy, quench your thirst and stretch your legs, for example, at the Rope centre.

Criss-cross through the forest of Hradec 

Start in Malšovice and head towards Silver pond. The route runs through beautiful countryside alongside forests all the way to Běleč nad Orlicí. The forests hold many secrets. You will find old forest pools, mysterious recesses, marshes and wet forests… just like in Mácha’s May, right? Still ready to go somewhere at the end of the route? Well, then you can walk the nature trail called Koliba. You will find 13 stops on the way with information about the timber species you can find in the forests surrounding Hradec Králové. The trail ends past the forest cemetery in Malšovice.


To Bethlehem with the Czar

Start in Hradec Králové and pedal along the Orlice river through Svinary all the way to the picturesque village of Běleč nad Orlicí, where you can enjoy a well-deserved stop at the U Hušků family brewery. You simply must taste the local yeast beer, The Czar! Once you’ve had a beer, continue to Krňovice and feel free to visit the local open-air folk museum. The most remote point of the route is the Museum of Nativity Scenes in Třebechovice. You can then return to Hradec Králové past Šrámek’s farm in Piletice, where you will find yet another marvellous bike pub. And it is up to you whether you finish your trip here, or in Plácky.


Archaeological route Hradec Králové 

Although mammoths are long extinct, their remains are still here! Hit the road to prehistory! Start right in the historic centre of Hradec Králové and then visit numerous archaeological sites on the way to the Archaeological park in Všestary. The route runs through slightly hilly terrain on paved roads.


Through the site of the battle of 1866 

Let’s play the soldiers game in a different way. This route will guide you through the places where one of the bloodiest battles of the 19th century took place. You will start your travels at the beautiful castle in Hrádek u Nechanic and continue through Dolní Přím to Střezetice. It is only a stone’s throw from there to Všestary. Feel free to take a break there at the already mentioned archaeological park. Enough of excavations and let’s get back to the battle! Leave Všestary through the centre of the battlefield and continue all the way to the 1866 battle memorial. Then bike through Neděliště, Sendražice and Lochenice villages. The final part of the route will take you into the centre of Hradec Králové, offering stunning views of the city from the banks of the river.



Hradec is stylish, no doubt about it. Experience life there yourself. 

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