Children´s Hradec

Do you often think about how to entertain the kids? Fancy a trip with your little ones? No idea where to go? We will help you choose and you just enjoy the fun!

Paddle wheel steamers

From May to October, the Queen Elisabeth, Hradec the Pirate sailboat depart from quay on Smetana´s waterfront. They will take you to romantic places offering unusual view of the city from the surface of the river Elbe. And if you want to build your muscles, ret a boat from local boat rentals.

Children´s railroad 

Are there any kids that do not like the trains? They all love them! And there is a real treat for such kids in the park on the Elbe embankment. You will find 430 meters long rail track in the park and the train will give you and your little ones a ride as per the time table.

The Hradec tourist road train

Do you think a train can only run on rail tracks? Not true! Just hop on, get a ride and enjoy it. And if you listen carefully, you might even learn a thing or two about Hradec

The giant fish tank 

Most probably you would not expect the largest fresh water aquarium in the Czech Republic to be located in the centre of Hradec Králové! But still, it is there, and you can even walk through the underwater tunnel and the rainforest. You will see fish and plants of South and Central America.


Shake hands with the real octopus! Submerge into the bubble pool, play with the fountain and the sea creatures, or just get rocked on the blue waves. If you are courageous enough, climb the active volcano. All this and many more adventures await both kids and adults in the popular TONGO family centre.

The rope park 

„Back to the trees! “Literally… anyone looking for adventure in the branches of the trees has to visit the Silver pond and its rope park for young and old.

ZOO park

You will find exotic experiences not only on the remote islands in the middle off the ocean. The family-run ZOO park right on the outskirts of the city features some rare species too.

Municipal forests

Not really a quiet piece of nature untouched by humans. On the contrary, the forests are boasting with life! Grab your baskets and go mushroom picking. Is it not the mushroom season, or you´re just not in the mood, then you can hit one of many paths and routes in the forests – the Fairy tale trail, the Water goblin´s trail, the Dead wood nature trail, the Horse riding trails or the trails for wheelchair users…

The forests hide many very interesting places – from memorials through mysterious trees to the knight´s settlement, which is a unique natural park for children full of educational and fairy tale elements.

And because you will certainly get hungry while in the forest, you also need to know where to get a bite or two. Feel free to visit snack bars U Vlka, U Mazurovy chalpuy, U Pytláka or at Zděná bouda.

As you can see, everyone can find something attractive in the municipal forests of Hradec Králové. So, tell me, why do you go to the forest?

City devoted to bikes 

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Original masterpieces

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Hradec goes green

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