Original masterpieces

And we are talking structures this time around – white, colour, reserved or decorated… each and every one of the structures is well worth mentioning. You can really see more than you expect, irrespective of whether you prefer history or contemporary design. There are four walking routes available that will guide you around, while you can choose the points of your interest!
So, hit the roads and open your eyes wide!

Back to the past

The city conservation area houses countless historical monuments dating from the Gothic times all the way to the 20th century. So, start your discovery tour right from the beginning – from the Gothic cathedral of the Holy Spirit right in the middle of the town centre.

Salon of Republic

Who else should guide you through the “Salon of Republic” than Josef Gočár or Jan Kotěra? These two renown architects together with the enlightened mayor of the city František Ulrich created a modern and advanced city thanks to excellent urban planning. 

Fortress city 

You bet, Hradec used to be a fortress! And what a fortress it was! You will find the remains of the fortification literally at every corner.

Pride of the present 

We should not only ode the past. The contemporary architecture has plenty to offer! The original design of public areas became an integral part of Hradec built-up area. Just take a look at the Public Transport Terminal, “bite into the Ementhaler chees” of the Study and scientific library, or just walk the South terraces or wooden bridges in Šimek´s orchards… there are many more interesting places like these!


Hradec is stylish, no doubt about that. Experience the life yourselves.

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Behind the curtain

When we are children we always play with something. When adults, we often pretend to play something. Let´s take a part in a game together – across the generations

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Hradec goes green

And not only on the traffic lights! The city is full of parks, alleys and green yards.

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