University City

For centuries Hradec Králové has been and still is a natural centre of intellectual life, culture and education in Eastern Bohemia. Iny many areas it contributed to the uplifting of the Czech nation and helped it to find its place in the international arena. 

The roots of education in Hradec Králové  lay far back in the Middle Ages, specifically in the Latin Preparatory School, established in 1362, fourteen years after the foundation of the famous Charles University. Latin Preparatory School was the predecessor of the Hradec Králové grammar school. many outstanding personalities studied or taught at this well-known Hradec Králové grammar school or at other schools, e.g. Charles University Professor, mathematician and astronomer, Stanislav Vydra, the historian Václav Vladivoj Tomek as well as the Catholic Priest Josef Liboslav Ziegler, who was one of the front men of the Czech National Revival. The list should also include the dramatics Václav Kliment Klicpera and Josef Kajetán Tyl, the poets Karel Jaromír Erben andVáclav Hanka as well as the music composer and creator of the Czech anthem František Škroup, the writers Alois Jirásek and Karel Čapek along with politicians, such as Prof. Alois Rašín and naturally Dr. František Ulrich, the legendary Hradec Králové mayor, who held office in the period of 1895-1929. He promoted the city as a centre of economic and social development as well as the centre of learning in Eastern Bohemia. The idea of founding the Hradec Králové University first emerged during his era.

The city boasts an excellent tradition of medical studies. In 1945 a branch of the Prague Faculty of medicine of Charles University was set up here. After 1948 Hradec Králové became the seat of other higher education institutions - the Military Medical Academy in 1951, the Faculty of Education (Pedagogical Institute from 1959) and the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1969.

Hradec Králové also played a significant role in clerical schooling, which gradually acquired such standing and prestige that in the early 20th century with respect to its quality and study duration it was, in real terms. the first higher education institution in Hradec Králové.

The post-revolution transformation finally contributed to the establishment of the University of Hradec Králové in 2000. These days, every year Hradec Králové as a university city provides thousands of students with study opportunities in numerous study branches and has sufficient capacities to accommodate these. In addition students make the city come alive and impart it with an ever-fresh and dynamic face - they are the initiators of many cultural projects and various activities and they have their own theatres, clubs and pubs. The left bank of the River Orlice is witnessing the development of the new university campus. In 2008 the construstion of a modern scientific library was completed. The future of the city as a metropolis of students and education is open and prospective.

The University of Hradec Králové currently comprises of five faculties - Faculty of Education (PDF), Faculty of Informatics and Management (FIM), Philosophical faculty (FF)Faculty of Science (PRF) and Institute of Social Work (USP) .

University of Hradec Králové
Rokitanského 62, 500 03 Hradec Králové
Tel.: 493 331 111, Fax: 495 545 911


The faculty offers master programme studies for physicians and dentists, a bachelor nursing programme study for nurses and doctoral study for post-graduates. Moreover, the faculty organises the teaching of physicians and dentists in English for foreigners - private paying students.

CUNI Faculty of Medicine in Hradci Králové
Šimkova 870, 500 01 Hradec Králové
Tel.: 495 816 111, 495 513 551, fax: 495 513 597


The faculty offers five-year full-time master study programmes - "Pharmacy" and "Health Bioanalytics" wit approx. 1000 students attending these. Up to 66 students are engaged in full-time post-graduate study and up to 70 post-graduates a year in the combined type of study.

CUNI Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradci Králové
Heyrovského 1203, 500 05 Hradec Králové
Tel.: 495 067 111, fax: 495 518 002


The faculty primarily provides studies in two accredited bachelor`s study (Military Health Care Management, Health Rescuer), three master`s study programme (Military General Medicine, Military Dentistry, Military Pharmacy) and eight doctoral study programmes.

Faculty of military health sciences
Třebešská 1575, 500 01 Hradec Králové 
Tel.: 973 253 101, fax: 973 253 100