Hradec goes green

And not only on the traffic lights! The city is full of parks, alleys and green yards. The municipal forests are the icing on the cake attracting not only mushroom pickers and tourists, but also sports enthusiast and lovers of tales. 

Jirásek´s orchard

Former military officer´s park is the primary destination for your first date J Well, no wonder! There are flowers, sand trails, a picturesque wooden church and the confluence of the two rivers… just like the setting you can find in the most popular romantic novels! Less romantic, but equally entertaining are the musical and other events organised in the park. You can also visit the playground for children. They will be happy about the activities they can enjoy!


Municipal forests 

Not really a quiet piece of nature untouched by humans. On the contrary, the forests are boasting with life! Grab your baskets and go mushroom picking. Is it not the mushroom season, or you´re just not in the mood, then you can hit one of many paths and routes in the forests – the Fairy tale trail, the Water goblin´s trail, the Dead wood nature trail, the Horse riding trails or the trails for wheelchair users…

The forests hide many very interesting places – from memorials through mysterious trees to the knight´s settlement, which is a unique natural park for children full of educational and fairy tale elements.

And because you will certainly get hungry while in the forest, you also need to know where to get a bite or two. Feel free to visit snack bars U Vlka, U Mazurovy chalpuy, U Pytláka or at Zděná bouda.

As you can see, everyone can find something attractive in the municipal forests of Hradec Králové. So, tell me, why do you go to the forest?


Orlice natural park

A natural park founded in 1996 along the rivers of Tichá, Divoká and Orlice rivers. It is meant to protect water meadows around the Orlice river as well as its fauna and flora. You don´t have to be a Greenpeace supporter, but this place is well worth the visit!



Šimek´s orchards

Most of the inhabitants of the city used to go sledging on the hills surrounding the orchards. Well, provided there was some snow… and even if there is no snow, you can make use of the playgrounds for children, in the skate park or just riding a bike or inline skates. There are many benches throughout the park as well as hidden corners, wooden bridges and even more always-hungry ducks waiting for their daily allowance of old bread. If you happen to prefer coffee places, make sure you visit the Rotunda Lounge Café.



Hradec is stylish, no doubt about that. Experience the life yourselves.

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Behind the curtain

When we are children we always play with something. When adults, we often pretend to play something J. Let´s take a part in a game together – across the generations.

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Children´s Hradec

Do you often think about how to entertain the kids? Fancy a trip with your little ones? No idea where to go? 

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